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View Jay Dee Accounting’s Tax Season Checklist

Prepare Yourself with Our Helpful Tax Season Checklist

In order to better serve your tax needs, Jay Dee Accounting & Tax Services Inc. invites you to view and print out this helpful tax season checklist to ensure that you’ve gathered all the necessary paperwork to properly fill out your tax return:

√ Mailing labels from the Canada Revenue Agency

√ Personal information including your birthdate & your Social Insurance Number (SIN), as well as your

   spouse’s SIN and those of any of your dependents

√ Copy of your last tax return or last notice of assessment

√ Any legal expenses to collect alimony, pension or retiring allowances

√ Applicable tax return documents including:

         -T4 Statement of Employment Income

         -T4A Statement of pension, retirement, annuity, old age security or other income

         -R4RIF Statement of Income from a registered retirement income fund

         -T4U Statement of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

         -T-5 Statement of Investment Income

         -T2200 Statement of Allowable Expenses (signed by your employer)

         -T-5007 Statement of Benefits from WSIB or Social Assistance

         -T5008 Statement of Securities Transactions

         -T5013 Statement of Partnership Income

         -T3 Supplementary (capital gains, etc.)

         -T101, T102, T5103 from Exploration & Development Expenses

√ Official receipts for any of the following:

         -Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)

         -Tuition fees

         -Union/professional dues

         -Prescription drugs/medical expenses

         -Charitable donations

         -Property taxes or rent paid to landlord

         -Child care expenses

         -Interest paid on loans

         -Moving expenses (if you moved 40+km for a new job)

         -Sales commissions

         -Business expenses

         -Retirement or IRA withdrawals

√ Deductions for the self-employed or small business owner, including:



         -Delivery expenses


         -Property taxes or rent paid to landlord

         -Supplies & office expenses

         -Meals & entertainment

         -Licences or memberships

         -Bad debts

         -Legal or accounting fees

         -Travel expenses & fuel costs

         -Capital assets, gains or losses

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